sister_kate_coverLF Books is a small independent digital publisher established by Linda Funnell in March 2015. It is based in Sydney, Australia.

LF Books is very proud to publish Jean Bedford’s classic novel Sister Kate as its first title.

The outlaw bushranger Ned Kelly is an Australian legend. But what about his sister, Kate? How do you live in the shadow of a legend?

In this sensuous, vital and compelling novel, Kate tells her story. It is the story of an expert horsewoman who rode through the bush to deliver supplies to her brother and his gang; the story of a young woman who fell in love with a man marked for death by the police; and it is the story of the destruction of a family and the tragic price of notoriety.

‘Out of the male past, Bedford fashions a disturbing figure, the female inheritor who broods over the Kelly legend … Sister Kate has simplicity and energy, moving swiftly and surely through a life held in the custody of the past.’ — Helen Daniel, the Age

You can buy the book here.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I’m really pleased to see that this book has been reissued. I had to track down a copy through inter-library loan when I read it in 2013, and as I said in my review “We need more novels like this one, deconstructing the historical past to show the human cost of events in Australia’s past.” Making this one available might inspire new retellings of hoary old Aussie myths by a new generation of authors, eh?
    (BTW I agree entirely with your Tweet about Wendy Scarfe’s The Day They Shot Edward – she is a real treasure in our literary landscape).

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